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  • Industrial Ceramic Solutions, LLC
  • Industrial Ceramic Solutions, LLC
  • Industrial Ceramic Solutions, LLC

    “Ceramic High-Temperature Particulate Filters”

    CerX LLC has acquired the technology to design and produce the Ceramic High-Temperature Particulate Filters originally developed by Industrial Ceramic Solutions (ICS). ICS has discontinued operations and CerX has established production of filters in Johnson City TN. Richard Nixdorf, the founder of ICS, is an equity owner in CerX and continues to provide the technical leadership to advance this innovative technology. CerX welcomes the opportunity to serve your filtration requirements.

    Advanced Ceramic Fiber Technology

    • Durable Ceramic Fiber Media operates to 1,000C in air
    • Fine particulate removal efficiency
    • Low back pressure < 1″ of water
    • In-process cleaning by thermal regeneration or air-pulse
    • High exhaust capacity for gas streams from 5 to 500,000 cubic feet/minute
    Corrosion and High Temperature Resistant Filtration

    ThermaPore™ filter media is manufactured with high temperature ceramic fibers, using a patented, high volume process. Filtration efficiency and operating parameters can be engineered to the application by varying the porosity and the thickness of the media. Filter cartridge size and shape can be adjusted to meet customer needs.

    The Company is experienced in providing costs and schedules for filter systems development and commercial units. We can then perform the program independently or with customer assistance. Our rates are those of a small business with low overhead.

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